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Sleeper meaning

Word: Sleeper

How to pronounce: ˈsliːpə



1. A person or animal who is asleep or who sleeps in a specified way.

Example sentences: "He was a light sleeper, for long periods an insomniac"

2. A train carrying sleeping cars.

Example sentences: "A sleeper train"

3. A movie, book, play, etc., that achieves sudden unexpected success after initially attracting little attention, typically one that proves popular without much promotion or expenditure.

Example sentences: "This low-budget, black-and-white American sleeper concerns two brothers"

4. A railroad tie.

Example sentences: "Last week, 80 rivets were also removed from sleepers on a railroad located between the Ban Pa Rai and Ban Kong Sai Railway Stations in Muang District of Pattani."

5. A stocky fish with mottled coloration which occurs widely in warm seas and fresh water.

Example sentences: "Most fish species cannot tolerate such fluctuations, but some gobies and sleepers have adapted physiologically in ways that have enabled them to thrive."



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Sleeper meaning

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