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Afghan meaning

Word: Afghan

How to pronounce: ˈæfgæn



1. A native or inhabitant of Afghanistan, or a person of Afghan descent.

Example sentences: "Then they said they would stay back and try to help the Afghans effect national reconciliation."

2. Another term for Pashto

Example sentences: "The first and most important Afghan word the nurses learned was ‘dahrt,’ which means pain."

3. A woolen blanket or shawl, typically one knitted or crocheted in strips or squares.

Example sentences: "I sat on the green plastic chair covered with five afghans crocheted for him each year for Christmas by my mother."

4. Short for Afghan hound

Example sentences: "The only type of brush capable of getting through an Afghan's coat is one with an air cushion behind the tufts."



1. Relating to Afghanistan, its people, or their language.

Example sentences: "Second, having an Afghan leader eliminates the language barrier."


afghan hound





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Spanish: Afgano

German: Afghanisch

French: Afghan

Italian: Afghano

Turkish: Afgan


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