Privacy Policy User and Privacy Policy User and Confidentiality Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement" for short), Internet users who will become a member of, create content or visit (hereinafter "Agreement") Will be referred to as "User".).

1. is a news-information platform that provides content for its users, providing an environment for comments and discussions.

2. The user is deemed to have accepted this Agreement by becoming a member of or visiting

3. When visiting, the user is deemed to have accepted to comply with this Agreement, all other terms of use published and to be published by Otherwise; All legal and criminal liability will belong to the User.

4. By clicking the "Sign In" link at the top of the home page in order for the user to add content to, to comment on the content, to follow other users, to add some content to favorites, to message with other users; It is necessary to become a member of by entering e-mail address, user name, name, surname, password and other information. No membership is required to read, share and comment on content.

5. The user should not include any illegal data in his account. The user cannot create a username by pretending to be someone else, by using a name belonging to any person without permission, by imitating other persons, or by contradicting the basic moral values ​​of the society.

6. The user is obliged to provide accurate and complete information for the membership account he has opened and to keep this information up-to-date.

7. On, it is forbidden to post messages that disturb, threaten, harass and insult members or upload content to public or private message areas. Members who act contrary to this prohibition may be removed from membership by after their situation has been examined, and they will be applied to the competent authorities for legal and criminal action.

8. Information, data, text, photographs, videos, audio clips, comments, articles, software, codes, graphics on will be briefly referred to as "content"; These contents can be entered by members on as well as by editors of

9. Content uploaded to should not be incomplete and misleading. The content in question must be accurate and up-to-date. The accuracy, timeliness and compliance of all content added, uploaded and created by the user to is entirely the responsibility of the User. The user has undertaken that the content will not contain defamatory, misleading elements, pornographic, immoral photos, insults, violence, racism, discrimination and illegal elements that may harm the personal rights of third parties.

10. reserves the right to remove, edit, modify and block any content of any kind at its own discretion, at any time, without notifying the User who uploaded this content and without giving any reason. cannot be held responsible for any user-provided content. reserves the right to remove content that is against its principles and the law; In such a case, the User is deemed to have irrevocably accepted that he / she will not make any request from

11. has the right to reject, delay, release or not publish the content uploaded by the user without any reason.

12. It is completely forbidden to use, imitate, modify, distribute or store the content on for other purposes. The user cannot sell the content on through the buyer and cannot use it for advertising purposes.

13. No content published on can be used, stored or published by third parties or other platforms without the knowledge of the content owner.

14. The user cannot create content containing advertisements on without the request of and / or without the written consent of and / or without any agreement with

15. Every individual who becomes a member of, even if they terminate their membership by deleting or changing them, is responsible for all the actions they take with each membership account and all the content they share.
16. will show maximum attention and care for the cyber security of User accounts. On the other hand, the security of any recorded information / data and account passwords in the membership account is entirely under the responsibility of the User. The user should never share this information / data with third parties. The use of malicious intent, including the capture of the user's password by third parties and the unlawful sharing of content, is the User's responsibility; All legal and criminal liabilities that may arise as a result of malicious use belong to the User.

17.The user cannot take actions that will prevent or make it difficult for other users to use, damage databases or servers or render them inoperable, damage any software or hardware, run software or code containing viruses, or create files, may not directly or indirectly attempt to access data, passwords, change or delete the contents, or engage in similar unlawful acts. Otherwise; reserves the right to initiate all legal and criminal proceedings and to apply to the relevant courts.

18. may prevent the User from using and its services if the User does not comply with this Agreement, the information provided while using or registering on is inaccurate or unrealistic. or it may terminate its membership without any justification.

19. Quotation of the content on is possible provided that it is within reasonable limits and the reference and link to for the said content. The reasonable limit is a brief summary of the contents and should be at a level that does not eliminate the need to visit to become familiar with the content. Quotation of all content on is prohibited without the written permission of

20. Every time the user logs in to, it is deemed to have accepted all these items in their current form. Therefore, the User should review this Agreement every time he / she visits This document was last updated on March 30, 2021.

The user undertakes to read, understand and unconditionally approve all the articles contained in this Agreement.