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Aired meaning

Word: Aired



1. The invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth, a mixture mainly of oxygen and nitrogen.

Example sentences: "The surface tension of water is increased, and even the density of air surrounding the Earth ebbs and flows like the tides in the sea."

2. An impression of a quality or manner given by someone or something.

Example sentences: "She answered with a faint air of boredom"

3. A tune or short melodious song.

Example sentences: "Traditional Scottish airs sung in the Gaelic tongue"

4. A jump off the ground on a snowboard or skateboard.

Example sentences: "I love to watch Richie ride; he's my fave, some style and clean airs."



1. Express (an opinion or grievance) publicly.

Example sentences: "A meeting in which long-standing grievances were aired"

2. Expose (a room) to the open air in order to ventilate it.

Example sentences: "The window sashes were lifted regularly to air the room"



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Aired meaning

Aired definition

Aired define

Aired in Other Languages...

Spanish: Aereo

German: Ausgestrahlt



Turkish: Kurutmak


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