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Almond meaning

Word: Almond

How to pronounce: ˈɑːmənd



1. The oval edible nutlike seed (kernel) of the almond tree, growing in a woody shell, widely used as food.

Example sentences: "Almond cookies"

2. The tree that produces almonds, belonging to the rose family and related to the peach and plum. Native to western Asia, it is widely cultivated in warm climates.

Example sentences: "The nut borne by the beautiful almond tree, Prunus amygdalus, is delicately flavoured and highly versatile, has been cultivated since prehistoric times, and is the most important nut in commerce."



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Almond meaning

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Almond define

Almond in Other Languages...

Spanish: Almendra

German: Mandel

French: Amande

Italian: Mandorle

Turkish: Badem


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