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Averaging meaning

Word: Averaging



1. A number expressing the central or typical value in a set of data, in particular the mode, median, or (most commonly) the mean, which is calculated by dividing the sum of the values in the set by their number.

Example sentences: "The proportion of over-60s is above the EU average of 19 per cent"

2. The apportionment of financial liability resulting from loss of or damage to a ship or its cargo.

Example sentences: "Particular average signifies the damage or partial loss happening to the ship, or cargo, or freight."



1. Constituting the result obtained by adding together several amounts and then dividing this total by the number of amounts.

Example sentences: "The average temperature in May was 4°C below normal"



1. Amount to or achieve as an average rate or amount over a period of time; mean.

Example sentences: "Annual inflation averaged 2.4 per cent"





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Spanish: Promediar

German: Mittelung

French: Moyennage


Turkish: Ortalamasını bulmak


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