Baltimore bridge salvage crews begin removing containers from cargo ship

Published: 2 months ago

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On 26 March the Dali, a cargo ship, crashed into one of the supports of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, in Baltimore, causing it to collapse.

Baltimore Bridge Salvage Operation Update

The salvage operation of the Baltimore Bridge is currently underway. Crews have begun removing containers from the deck of the Dali cargo ship, which collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore last month.

Recovery Efforts

The tragic collision resulted in the collapse of the bridge, with three of the six roadway workers on the bridge at the time of the incident having been found deceased. The salvage crews have initiated the process of removing containers from the cargo ship's deck, aiming to eventually clear the parts of the bridge that are resting on the ship's bow.

Unified Command Statement

The Key Bridge Response Unified Command has stated that the removal of containers from the M/V Dali is a critical step in gaining access to the portion of the Key Bridge that lies atop the ship. This effort is crucial for the safe removal of the bridge remains and the eventual clearing of the waterway.

Channel Access and Restoration

Temporary channels on either side of the wreckage have allowed only 32 vessels to pass through since March 26. The Unified Command, led by US Coast Guard Captain David O'Connell, is working to remove enough debris to open the channel to larger commercial traffic.

Recovery and Support

The salvage operation involves over 50 divers and 12 cranes, with the goal of cutting out sections of the collapsed bridge and removing them. Efforts are also underway to establish channels for limited-access commercial traffic, with the aim of restoring normal capacity to Baltimore's port by the end of May.

Presidential Visit

President Biden recently visited the area to witness the ongoing efforts firsthand. During his visit, he expressed support for the affected families and assured them that the nation stands with them during this difficult time.


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