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Basque meaning

Word: Basque



1. A close-fitting bodice extending from the shoulders to the waist and typically with a short continuation below waist level.

Example sentences: "She was referring to the picture of me dressed in a basque, stockings, suspenders and a thong that had been circulating on everybody's mobile phone."



1. A member of a people living in the Basque Country of France and Spain. Culturally one of the most distinct groups in Europe, the Basques were largely independent until the 19th century.

Example sentences: "During the period of Spanish colonization, Basques from Spain had often taken administrative posts overseas."

2. The language of the Basques, which has no known relation to any other language.

Example sentences: "These languages include not only Dutch, German, and Scandinavian, Asian, and African languages, but less widely spoken languages such as Basque, Yiddish, and Greek."



1. Relating to the Basques or their language.

Example sentences: "In these simple clubs, whose name in the ancient Basque language means ‘corner’, attendance is by invitation only."

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Basque meaning

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Basque define

Basque in Other Languages...

Spanish: Vasco

German: Baskisch

French: Basque

Italian: Basco

Turkish: Bask


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