Bronson and LaFrance prepare for runoff in Anchorage mayoral election

Published: 2 months ago

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Anchorage Mayoral Election Runoff Preparation

The top two candidates in Anchorage’s mayoral race, Suzanne LaFrance and incumbent Mayor Dave Bronson, are preparing for a runoff election in May. Initial results posted late Tuesday show Suzanne LaFrance with a slight lead over Mayor Dave Bronson, with 36 percent of the vote to his 35 percent. As neither candidate is expected to surpass the 45 percent threshold to avoid a runoff, they are both gearing up for the upcoming election on May 14, with ballots set to be mailed out on April 30 [1].

Candidate Reactions and Campaign Preparations

In response to the initial batch of results, Suzanne LaFrance expressed pleasant surprise and stated that her campaign has been focused on winning the race and preparing for a runoff. She emphasized the importance of being well-prepared for the runoff and expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming election [1].

Incumbent Mayor Dave Bronson, trailing LaFrance by roughly 600 votes, expressed confidence in his campaign's financial position, stating that they are well-prepared to run a campaign for the next few weeks, as they had anticipated the need for resources in the event of a runoff [1].

Candidate Background and Campaign Themes

The competition between LaFrance and Bronson is not new, as LaFrance previously represented South Anchorage on the Assembly for six years, during which she frequently disagreed with Mayor Bronson over policy, spending, and general governance. LaFrance has made good governance a pillar of her campaign, emphasizing the importance of getting the basics right and building a better future for the community [1].

Other Major Candidates and Election Details

LaFrance and Bronson faced challenges from two other major candidates, former Anchorage legislator Chris Tuck and former Anchorage Economic Development Corp. President Bill Popp. Popp has around 17 percent of the vote, while Tuck has roughly 8 percent. The total number of counted ballots so far is approximately 60 percent of the total ballots tallied during the city’s last mayoral election in 2021.


The runoff election on May 14 will determine who will serve a three-year term as mayor of Anchorage. Both candidates are actively preparing for this crucial election, and the results are eagerly anticipated by the community.

For more detailed information, you can check out the full results on the Alaska Public Media website.


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