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Bulgarian meaning

Word: Bulgarian

How to pronounce: bʌlˈge(ə)rɪən



1. Relating to Bulgaria, its people, or their language.

Example sentences: "This means that Bulgarian organic farmers have a good competitive advantage on European markets."



1. A native or inhabitant of Bulgaria, or a person of Bulgarian descent.

Example sentences: "What a joy to learn that Bulgarians will soon be able to travel visa-free to other European countries."

2. The South Slavic language spoken in Bulgaria.

Example sentences: "Macedonian is part of the South Slavic dialect continuum at the ends of which are Serbian and Bulgarian, both of which served at one time as languages of education for many Macedonians."


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Bulgarian meaning

Bulgarian definition

Bulgarian define

Bulgarian in Other Languages...

Spanish: Búlgaras

German: Bulgarisch

French: Bulgare

Italian: Bulgaro

Turkish: Bulgarca


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