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Girl in the Picture

Hint: A powerful true-crime documentary directed by Skye Borgman, who helmed the award-winning "Abducted in Plain Sight."

Release year: 2022

May not be suitable for ages 16 and under.

Time: 1h 42m

Categories: Documentary Films, True Crime Documentaries, Movies Based on Books, Crime Movies

Synopsis: In this documentary, a woman found dying by a road leaves behind a son, a man claiming to be her husband — and a mystery that unfolds like a nightmare.

The mysterious death of a young mother and the kidnapping of her son immediately raises questions about why the family is facing so much misfortune. When many frightening facts hidden in the murdered woman's life come to light, they will also reveal the true face of a federal criminal who was convicted of many crimes but is on the run. Skye Borgman sits in the director's chair of the 101-minute documentary, crime and mystery film produced by Netflix in 2022.

This documentary is about a drama-filled story that unfolds after the investigation of the identity of a woman who was found dying on the highway... When the woman is found injured, the authorities try to find out who did it to her, and they come across a whole series of grisly interconnected events. This is a successful crime documentary film that manages to leave an emotional impact on the viewer. It is real, ruthless, and manages to make the viewer think 'what lives are there...'. Netflix handles these criminal files beautifully. If you want to see something real, give this production a chance... Have a good time!


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