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Hungarian meaning

Word: Hungarian

How to pronounce: hʌŋˈge(ə)rɪən



1. Relating to Hungary, its people, or their language.

Example sentences: "The four main hurdles confronting an overseas investor in the Hungarian market are language, property law and title, bank funding and ongoing management of the property."



1. A native or inhabitant of Hungary.

Example sentences: "His passing will be mourned by the Greeks, Croats, Hungarians, Italians and any other ethnic group you can name."

2. An Ugric language, the official language of Hungary, spoken also in Romania.

Example sentences: "Finnish is one of the most isolated languages of Europe, distantly related to Hungarian and Turkish but spoken by very few non-Finns."


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Hungarian meaning

Hungarian definition

Hungarian define

Hungarian in Other Languages...


German: Ungarisch

French: Hongrois

Italian: Ungherese

Turkish: Macarca


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