Is Facebook down? There is a problem accessing Facebook.

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Users are having trouble accessing Facebook. When will the problem be fixed? What should I do to regain access? Here it is...


If you're having trouble accessing Facebook, don't worry! It's not just you. According to, there are many other people experiencing problems with the social media platform. This site will let you know if Facebook is down or just having some issues—and how widespread those issues are.

To check if Facebook is down, go to: is a good source of information about what's going on with various sites, including Facebook and Instagram. You can check the status of various sites here and see how they're performing in different parts of the world (some may be down more often than others).

This site will tell you if Facebook is down or experiencing any problems.

If you're having trouble accessing Facebook app, this site will tell you if it's just you or if the whole world is having an issue.

The link above will take you to a page that shows whether Facebook is experiencing any issues at the moment. If the status looks good, go ahead and sign in!


If you are experiencing problems with Facebook, please let us know and we will look into it.


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