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Jerking meaning

Word: Jerking



1. A quick, sharp, sudden movement.

Example sentences: "He gave a sudden jerk of his head"

2. A contemptibly foolish person.



1. Move or cause to move with a jerk.

Example sentences: "The van jerked forward"



1. Meat or fish that has been seasoned or marinated in a blend of chilli, allspice, and other ingredients and barbecued over a wood fire.

Example sentences: "A plate of jerk chicken"



1. Season or marinate (meat or fish) in a blend of chilli, allspice, and other ingredients and barbecue it over a wood fire.

2. Cure (meat) by cutting it into strips and drying it.

Example sentences: "They became excellent marksmen, poaching the wild cattle and jerking the beef"

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Jerking meaning

Jerking definition

Jerking define

Jerking in Other Languages...

Spanish: Masturbarse

German: Zuckungen

French: Branler


Turkish: Mastürbasyon


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