Johnson moving forward with Ukraine aid bill amid pressure from hardliners

Published: 1 month ago

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Speaker Mike Johnson announced Wednesday he is sticking with his plan to put a series of foreign aid bills on the floor including funding for Ukraine after facing significant pressure from hardliners.

Speaker Mike Johnson Sticks to Foreign Aid Plan Amid Pressure

Speaker Mike Johnson has confirmed that he will proceed with his plan to bring a series of foreign aid bills to the floor, including funding for Ukraine. Despite facing significant pressure from hardliners within his party, Johnson remains steadfast in his decision. In a note to members, he announced that the vote on these bills will take place on Saturday evening.

Mounting Pressure on Speaker Johnson

The speaker has been under increasing pressure to make adjustments to the proposed foreign aid package, not only from the more conservative House Freedom Caucus members but also from other members within his party. Concerns about border security and the foreign aid bills were raised during Tuesday's caucus meeting and have now extended to a broader range of representatives.

Moderate New York Republican Representative Nicole Malliotakis urged the speaker to "go back to Biden & Schumer" and emphasize the need for a border security measure in order to pass the foreign aid package. In response to these pressures, Johnson stated in his letter to members that he will introduce an immigration bill similar to the House's HR 2.

Intense Pressure on Speaker Johnson

This situation marks the most intense pressure that Speaker Johnson has faced during his short tenure. Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky announced his intention to co-sponsor Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene's motion to vacate, which would remove Johnson from the speakership if it were to pass. In response, the speaker defiantly expressed to reporters that he has no intention of resigning.

Given that Republicans have only a narrow majority in the House, Johnson may need the support of Democrats to pass the foreign aid bills and potentially secure his position should the motion to vacate be brought to the floor.


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