Latin American governments condemn Ecuador after police raid Mexican embassy

Published: 2 months ago

Updated: 2 months ago

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Brazil and others sharply criticised arrest of Ecuador’s former vice president who was seeking refuge in the embassy facing corruption charges

Ecuadorian Embassy Incident in Mexico City

The recent events surrounding the Ecuadorian Embassy in Mexico City have sparked significant international attention and condemnation from Latin American governments. Here's a summary of the key developments:

Arrest and Raid
Late on Friday night, police broke into the Mexican Embassy in Quito to arrest Jorge Glas, the former vice president of Ecuador, who had sought refuge in the embassy while facing corruption charges. This action led to a strong reaction from the Mexican government, prompting the suspension of diplomatic relations with Ecuador.

Latin American Response
Governments across Latin America, including Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and Uruguay, expressed support for Mexico and sharply criticized the arrest of Glas. Brazil's government specifically condemned Ecuador's actions as a "clear violation" of international norms, emphasizing solidarity with Mexico.

International Outcry
The United States, through the State Department, condemned any violation of the convention protecting diplomatic missions and encouraged the two countries to resolve their differences in accordance with international norms. Additionally, the Organization of American States issued a call for dialogue to resolve the escalating dispute between Ecuador and Mexico.

Legal Ramifications
Mexico's foreign ministry announced its intention to file a complaint with the United Nations' International Court of Justice for "grave violations of international law." Furthermore, Colombia's president emphasized the need to uphold international law and stated the government's intent to seek human rights legal protections for Glas.

Background on Jorge Glas
Jorge Glas, who had sought political asylum in the Mexican Embassy in December, has been at the center of controversy due to corruption charges. Ecuadorian authorities had unsuccessfully sought permission from Mexico to enter the embassy and arrest Glas, leading to escalating tensions between the two countries.

These developments highlight the complex diplomatic and legal implications of the incident, as well as the broader regional response to the events at the Ecuadorian Embassy in Mexico City.


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