Man arrested after firing dozens of shots off roof of Marina del Rey apartment building

Published: 1 month ago

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Gunfire from the balcony of a Marina del Rey apartment complex sent officers racing to confront an active shooter.

Incident in Marina del Rey: Suspect Fires Multiple Rounds

On Saturday, a suspect was taken into custody after allegedly firing as many as 50 rounds with two combat-style rifles and a handgun in Marina del Rey, Los Angeles. The incident occurred at the Marina 41 apartment complex, located at Via Marina and Catamaran Street, around 10:15 p.m. [1].

According to witnesses, the shooter fired rounds from the roof and a balcony of the apartment complex. The suspect was armed with two AR-15-style rifles and a pistol and repeatedly reloaded while sheriff's SWAT teams attempted to deescalate the situation. The shooter was also wearing a bulletproof vest [1].

Residents in the area described the incident as terrifying. One resident stated, "It's pretty terrifying... We have never had any type of active shooter situation or anything at this level, and it is all residential for the most part, it is very concerning" [1].

Residents' Experiences and Reactions

During the incident, residents took various measures to ensure their safety. Some hid inside their apartments for hours, following the situation on social media. One resident mentioned, "We were barricading for those three hours, not saying a word. We're watching the Citizen App just to see what other people are saying. We didn't want to turn on any volume on our phones because we didn't know where he was, and every moment it was silent we got more and more scared".

Another resident recounted the sound of gunfire helping them know the shooter's location, saying, "It was almost like the gunfire helped us know where he was".

Suspect in Custody and Community Concerns

The suspect, who remains unidentified, was taken into custody around 1 a.m. No reports of injuries have been made, and the motive for the incident remains unclear [1].

Neighbors expressed shock and concern, as they knew the suspect and never expected such an event to occur. One resident questioned their own safety, stating, "If he can do it, who else could do it? He seemed to us like a perfectly normal guy, so it makes you wonder. I don't feel safe at all".

Authorities have urged anyone with information about the suspect or the shootings to contact investigators at (310) 482-6000.


In Marina del Rey, a suspect fired multiple rounds with two combat-style rifles and a handgun from the roof and balcony of an apartment complex. The suspect was eventually taken into custody, and no injuries have been reported. Residents in the area described the incident as terrifying, and concerns about safety have been raised. The motive for the incident remains unclear, and authorities are seeking information from the public [1].


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