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Napoleon meaning

Word: Napoleon

How to pronounce: nəˈpəʊljən



1. A gold twenty-franc French coin minted during the reign of Napoleon I.

Example sentences: "‘Offering French lessons for two gold napoleons cannot be a very reliable source of income,’ said the politician."

2. A 19th-century man's boot reaching above the knee in front and with a piece cut out behind, originally worn by cavalrymen.

Example sentences: "I take it Will, that you have two pairs of Napoleon boots, two pairs of Hessians and another two pairs of button boots?"

3. A flaky rectangular pastry with a sweet filling.

Example sentences: "The napoleon of dark chocolate mousse with Mexican-chocolate ice cream and crisp chocolate wafer is almost too much for anyone but the most devoted chocoholic."

Proper noun


1. The name of three rulers of France.







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German: Napoleon

French: Napoléon

Italian: Napoleone

Turkish: Napolyon


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