New news from the James Webb telescope! "A Star Is Born"

Published: 4 months ago

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The James Webb Space Telescope continues to be our eye in space...

The Webb telescope, which will shed light on our past, has already left our mouths open with many frames it has captured.

The James Webb Telescope, the world's largest and most powerful space telescope, presented a visual feast with a final image it captured.

The last image captured by the James Webb Space Telescope was shared by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

In his latest shot, James Webb captured an image of a dark cloud called L1527 and the light emitted from the \very young\ protostar (protostar), which is about 100,000 years old in its core.

L1527 is about 460 light-years from Earth and stretches 0.3 light-years wide.


This is due to the shape of the light emitted by the protostar.

In other words, the light emitted by the protostar is called an hourglass because of its shape.

Countdown to a new star Hidden in the neck of this \hourglass\ of light are the very beginnings of a new star ⏳— a protostar.


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James Webb Space Telescope