Proud Boys sentencing over January 6 riot rescheduled

Published: 11 months ago

Updated: 11 months ago

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Sentencing hearings for two leaders of the far-right Proud Boys group have been rescheduled after the judge canceled Wednesday’s proceedings because of a medical issue, multiple sources tell CNN.

The sentencing hearings of the two leaders of the far-right Proud Boys group have been rescheduled after a judge canceled Wednesday's hearings due to a medical problem, multiple sources told CNN.

Enrique Tarrio and Ethan Nordean, both convicted of sedition conspiracy over efforts to prevent Joe Biden from becoming president after the 2020 election, will be sentenced later this week and early next week.

Nordean's sentencing is scheduled for Friday at 2 p.m.

ET, while former Proud Boys president Tarrio is scheduled to be sentencing at 2 p.m.

Family members of the defendants had come to Washington, D.C., from across the country for Wednesday's hearing, and while visibly upset by the sudden rescheduling, lawyers for the two men struggled to figure out their travel plans.

Judge Timothy Kelly, who presided over the trial of the five Proud Boys members, on Monday rejected requests for the defendants to be acquitted and heard witness testimony from multiple U.S.

Capitol Police officers who were present during a pro-Trump mob's Jan. 6, 2021, uprising at the Capitol.

Prosecutors asked Kelly to sentence Tarrio to 33 years in prison and Nordean to 27 years.


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