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Seperate meaning

Word: Seperate



1. Forming or viewed as a unit apart or by itself.

Example sentences: "This raises two separate issues"



1. Cause to move or be apart.

Example sentences: "Police were trying to separate two rioting mobs"

2. Divide into constituent or distinct elements.

Example sentences: "The processed milk had separated into curds and whey"

Plural noun


1. Individual items of clothing, such as skirts, jackets, or trousers, suitable for wearing in different combinations.

Example sentences: "Day wear consists of angular shaped separates that include wide-neck jumpers and half-mast trousers."

2. The self-contained, free-standing components of a sound-reproduction system.

3. Portions into which a soil, sediment, etc. can be sorted according to particle size, mineral composition, or other criteria.

Example sentences: "Analysis of mineral separates from six cordierite-bearing strata"

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