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Should meaning

Word: Should

How to pronounce: ʃʊd

Modal verb


1. Used to indicate obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing someone's actions.

Example sentences: "He should have been careful"

2. Used to indicate what is probable.

Example sentences: "$348 million should be enough to buy him out"

3. (expressing the conditional mood) referring to a possible event or situation.

Example sentences: "If you should change your mind, I'll be at the hotel"

4. Used in a clause with “that” after a main clause describing feelings.

Example sentences: "It is astonishing that we should find violence here"

5. Used in a clause with “that” expressing purpose.

Example sentences: "In order that training should be effective it must be planned systematically"

6. (in the first person) expressing a polite request or acceptance.

Example sentences: "We should be grateful for your advice"

7. (in the first person) expressing a conjecture or hope.

Example sentences: "He'll have a sore head, I should imagine"

8. Used to emphasize to a listener how striking an event is or was.

Example sentences: "You should have seen Marge's face"











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Spanish: Deber

German: Sollen

French: Devrait

Italian: Dovere

Turkish: -meli


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