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Slider meaning

Word: Slider

How to pronounce: ˈslaɪdə



1. A knob or lever that is moved horizontally or vertically to control a variable, such as the volume of a radio.

Example sentences: "The player contains the expected transport controls as well as sliders for volume and balance, or pan position."

2. A small hamburger or other hot sandwich made with a soft bun.

Example sentences: "These burgers, or sliders, come already adorned with ketchup, pickles and browned onions and cost only 89 cents."

3. A North American freshwater turtle with a red or yellow patch on the side of the head.

Example sentences: "The pond slider has expanded its range through the careless release of pets into the wild."

4. A pitch that moves laterally as it nears home plate.

Example sentences: "In the game, Cheney threw 228 pitches, including fastballs, knucklers, sliders and curveballs."


slider bar

guide block

slide block





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Slider meaning

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Slider define

Slider in Other Languages...

Spanish: Deslizante

German: Schieberegler

French: Curseur

Italian: Cursore

Turkish: Kaymak


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