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Solitaire meaning

Word: Solitaire

How to pronounce: sɒlɪˈteə



1. Any of various card games played by one person, the object of which is to use up all one's cards by forming particular arrangements and sequences.

Example sentences: "On a second thought, she arranged the cards to play solitaire."

2. A diamond or other gem set in a piece of jewelry by itself.

Example sentences: "A diamond solitaire"

3. Either of two large extinct flightless birds related to the dodo, found on two of the Mascarene Islands until they were exterminated in the 18th century.

Example sentences: "The DNA evidence does indicate that the dodo and the solitaire separated from a common ancestor about 25.6 million years ago."

4. A large American thrush with mainly gray plumage and a short bill.

Example sentences: "Everything was bone dry, and the cedar breaks below the escarpment held not a single robin, waxwing, solitaire, or bluebird."





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Solitaire meaning

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