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Spanish meaning

Word: Spanish

How to pronounce: ˈspænɪʃ



1. Relating to Spain, its people, or its language.

Example sentences: "When you come to Spain we'll play Spanish music, we'll sing and we'll even dance."



1. The people of Spain.

Example sentences: "The Dance of the Conquest recalls the victory of the Spanish over the Amerindians."

2. A Romance language spoken in Spain and in much of Central and South America (except Brazil) and several other countries. It is the second most widely spoken first language in the world, with more than 400 millon speakers.

Example sentences: "Now the newsletter is hosted on a dozen of sites and is translated into Spanish, German, French, Dutch and Italian."





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Spanish in Other Languages...

Spanish: Español

German: Spanisch

French: Espagnol

Italian: Spagnolo

Turkish: İspanyolca


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