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Tee meaning

Word: Tee



1. The letter T, or a shape like that of a capital T.

2. A T-shirt.



1. A cleared space on a golf course, from which the ball is struck at the beginning of play for each hole.

Example sentences: "He smashes the ball off the 15th tee"

2. A mark aimed at in lawn bowling, quoits, curling, and other similar games.

Example sentences: "Nowadays the curling 'tee' is the line through the centre of the 'house' in curling and is in fact the target not the release line, which is the 'hog' line."

Transitive verb


1. Place the ball on a tee ready to make the first stroke of the round or hole.

Example sentences: "She fished in her pocket for a ball and teed it"




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Tee meaning

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Tee define

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Spanish: Tee

German: Stück

French: Tee

Italian: Tee

Turkish: Tişört


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