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Tertiary meaning

Word: Tertiary

How to pronounce: ˈtɜːʃərɪ



1. Third in order or level.

Example sentences: "The tertiary stage of the disease"

2. Relating to or denoting the first period of the Cenozoic era, between the Cretaceous and Quaternary periods, and comprising the Paleogene and Neogene subperiods.

Example sentences: "The annihilation of the dinosaurs marks the boundary linking Cretaceous time and Tertiary time."

3. (of an organic compound) having its functional group located on a carbon atom which is itself bonded to three other carbon atoms.

Example sentences: "If the hydroxyl group is bound to a carbon atom that is itself bound to three other carbon atoms then the resultant alcohol is a tertiary alcohol."

4. Denoting or relating to carnivores that eat other carnivores and omnivores.



1. The Tertiary period or the system of rocks deposited during it.

2. A lay associate of certain Christian monastic organizations.

Example sentences: "A Franciscan tertiary"



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German: Tertiär

French: Tertiaire

Italian: Terziario

Turkish: üçüncül


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