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What is the definition Thematic? What is its meaning in the dictionary? Words starting with Thematic, Antonyms, Derivations, Synonyms, Related sentences, Words ending with Thematic, How to pronounce? Example sentences and more...

Thematic meaning

Word: Thematic



1. Having or relating to subjects or a particular subject.

Example sentences: "The orientation of this anthology is essentially thematic"

2. Belonging to, relating to, or denoting the theme of a sentence.

Example sentences: "Some languages use special affixes to mark thematic and non-thematic elements"



1. A body of topics for study or discussion.

Example sentences: "I soon gave up trying to prime him with the thematics of the piece"

2. A postage stamp forming part of a set with designs connected with the same subject; a topical.



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Thematic meaning

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Thematic define

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German: Thematisch

French: Thématique

Italian: Tematico

Turkish: Tematik


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