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Thrilled meaning

Word: Thrilled



1. A sudden feeling of excitement and pleasure.

Example sentences: "The thrill of jumping out of an aeroplane"

2. A vibratory movement or resonance heard through a stethoscope.

Example sentences: "Stenosis in the artery causes a swishing sound, which is heard as a bruit on auscultation and also may be felt as a thrill or slight vibration in the vessel on palpation."



1. Cause (someone) to have a sudden feeling of excitement and pleasure.

Example sentences: "His kiss thrilled and excited her"

2. (of an emotion or sensation) pass with a nervous tremor.

Example sentences: "The shock of alarm thrilled through her"





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Thrilled meaning

Thrilled definition

Thrilled define

Thrilled in Other Languages...

Spanish: Emocionar

German: Begeistert

French: Ravi

Italian: Entusiasta

Turkish: Heyecanlı


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