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Townhouse meaning

Word: Townhouse

How to pronounce: ˈtaʊnhaʊs



1. A tall, narrow, traditional row house, generally having three or more floors.

Example sentences: "The arrangement follows a traditional town house, with garage and service spaces at ground level, a piano nobile first floor for living, dining and cooking, and two floors of bedrooms above."

2. A house in a town or city belonging to someone who has another property in the country.

Example sentences: "Of course, that is what they were originally - grand town houses for the Empire's second city in the 19th century, although most of the homes for the 21st century will be somewhat modest in comparison."



private residence

manor house

row houses

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Townhouse meaning

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Townhouse define

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Spanish: Townhouse

German: Stadthaus


Italian: Townhouse

Turkish: Konak


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