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Troy meaning

Word: Troy

How to pronounce: trɔɪ



1. A system of weights used mainly for precious metals and gems, with a pound of 12 ounces or 5,760 grains.

Example sentences: "Gold closed at $332.5 a troy ounce"

Proper noun


1. (in Homeric legend) the city of King Priam, besieged for ten years by the Greeks during the Trojan War. It was regarded as having been a purely legendary city until Heinrich Schliemann identified the mound of Hissarlik on the northeast Aegean coast of Turkey as the site of Troy. The city was apparently sacked and destroyed by fire in the mid 13th century BC, a period coinciding with the Mycenaean civilization of Greece.

2. A residential and commercial city in southeastern Michigan; population 80,264 (est. 2008).

3. An industrial city in eastern New York, on the Hudson River, northeast of Albany; population 47,459 (est. 2008).




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Spanish: Troya

German: Troja

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Turkish: Truva


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