Trump says abortion legislation should be left to states

Published: 2 months ago

Reading time: 3 minutes

Former President Donald Trump said Monday that abortion rights should be left to the states, weighing in on one of the most delicate and contentious issues in American politics.

Former President Donald Trump's Stance on Abortion Rights

Former President Donald Trump recently expressed his opinion on the sensitive and contentious topic of abortion rights in the United States. In a video posted on his Truth Social account, he stated that he believes the decision on abortion should be left to individual states. According to Trump, now that abortion is legally available, it should be up to the states to determine their own laws through either voting or legislation. He emphasized that whatever decision is reached by the states should be respected and considered the law of the land.

State Variations and Will of the People

Trump acknowledged that different states may have varying perspectives on abortion, with some being more conservative than others. He highlighted the importance of respecting these differences, as they reflect the will of the people within each state. Trump did not specify a specific number of weeks during pregnancy at which he would support an abortion ban. However, he did reiterate his support for exceptions in cases of incest, rape, and when the life of the mother is in danger.

Trump's Role in Overturning Roe v. Wade

Trump expressed pride in his role in the appointment of three conservative justices to the US Supreme Court, stating that this was instrumental in the overturning of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision. However, it should be noted that he did not specify the exact impact his appointments had on the court's ruling.


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