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Turnover meaning

Word: Turnover

How to pronounce: ˈtɜːnəʊvə



1. The amount of money taken by a business in a particular period.

Example sentences: "A turnover approaching $4 million"

2. The rate at which employees leave a workforce and are replaced.

Example sentences: "High staff turnover left the program with too many young instructors"

3. A small pie made by folding a piece of pastry over on itself to enclose a sweet filling.

Example sentences: "An apple turnover"

4. (in a game) a loss of possession of the ball to the opposing team.

Example sentences: "The team were sitting on their lead and taking care to avoid turnovers"


turnover rate

flow property


bilateral trade

good circulation


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Turnover meaning

Turnover definition

Turnover define

Turnover in Other Languages...

Spanish: Rotación

German: Umsatz

French: Chiffre

Italian: Fatturato

Turkish: Ciro


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