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Turquoise meaning

Word: Turquoise

How to pronounce: ˈtɜː(r)k(w)ɔɪz



1. A greenish-blue color.

Example sentences: "The turquoise waters of the bay"

2. A semiprecious stone, typically opaque and of a greenish-blue or sky-blue color, consisting of a hydrated hydroxyl phosphate of copper and aluminum.

Example sentences: "Each exquisite creation is studded with semi precious stones like turquoise, amethyst, pearls and corals."



turquoise colour



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Turquoise meaning

Turquoise definition

Turquoise define

Turquoise in Other Languages...

Spanish: Turquesa

German: Türkisfarben

French: Turquoise

Italian: Turchese

Turkish: Turkuaz


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