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What is the definition We? What is its meaning in the dictionary? Related sentences, Words ending with We, Derivations, How to pronounce? Antonyms, Words starting with We, Synonyms, Example sentences and more...

We meaning

Word: We



1. Used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself and one or more other people considered together.

Example sentences: "Shall we have a drink?"

2. Used in formal contexts for or by a royal person, or by a writer or editor, to refer to himself or herself.

Example sentences: "In this section we discuss the reasons"

3. Used condescendingly to refer to the person being addressed.

Example sentences: "How are we today?"

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We meaning

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We in Other Languages...

Spanish: Nos

German: Wir

French: Nous

Italian: Noi

Turkish: Biz


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