What does ombre mean? How to make ombre at home?

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Ombre is the most preferred beauty application today. Ombre is a subject that is highly researched, especially by women. So what is Ombre and how to do it at home?

In French, ombre means shade.

It is a technique of dyeing the ends of the hair in lighter tones compared to the roots.

It is a frequently preferred beauty application today.

Ombre, which we often hear in almost every season, is also preparing to mark this season.

Ombre both gives shade to hair and gives shine to hair with transitions that look quite natural.

When ombre is done using the right techniques, a magnificent look emerges.

If you want to get an effective and complete result, it should be done by experienced people.

In this method, which can be applied to all types of hair strands, the hair roots are usually left in their natural color, and the color of the hair begins to lighten gradually from the temples.

Shadow or ombre is used much longer than normal hair dyes.

At the same time, it is more economical and effortless than other dyeing processes. You can also apply the ombre hairstyle at home.

Ombre, which is often used by famous names you know, has become the choice of every woman.

The prices may vary depending on the hair to be made and the expertise.

It is also possible to make the ombre, which is usually done in hairdressers, at home.

Thin-thick lines and light-dark tones are applied to provide the appearance of shadow on the ombre.

Here are the things you need to know to make your own ombre at home...

How to make ombre at home?


This hairstyle, which is the trend of all seasons, can cost you a little bit. Although their average prices are the same, they may vary from hairdresser to hairdresser and from experience to experience.

You can significantly reduce the cost by making the ombre yourself at home. You should pay attention to the harmony of the correct techniques and the colors you choose with your skin color.


A plastic container

Hair coloring brush


At least two shades of light hair dye from your hair color

How to make Ombre?

Comb the hair you will dye and collect the remaining hair with the help of a hairpin.

Dye your hair with the help of a brush, starting from an average of 20 cm below the hair roots.

After completing your process, wait for your hair to open until you get the tone you want.

This time may be 20-30 minutes in light hair colors, while 30-40 minutes will be sufficient in dark colors.

ombre to black hair


In the summer months, hair lightening and tonal differences may be seen in the hair exposed to the sun for a long time.

You can open the ends of the hair by wearing a hat to get an ombre look in a natural way.

In addition to sprays that provide a lightening effect under the sun, chamomile water and lemon juice, which are also natural, will help lighten your hair.

You can get an ombre look by applying these natural ingredients to the ends of the hair and waiting in sunlight.


The colorful tones especially preferred by brunette women provide a different and pleasant look in the ombre.

To make a difference, you can change a different color to an ombre model or apply these tones to your entire hair ends or to a few strands of your hair.


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