What Time Do Notaries Open and What Time Do They Close?

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Millions of people have transactions to be handled by notaries every day during the week. So, What Time Do Notaries Open and When They Close?

What are the Notary Working Hours? What Time Do Notaries Open and When They Close?

Millions of people have transactions to be handled by notaries every day during the week.

Sometimes, you may come across transactions to be performed at the last moment. For this reason, while investigating the working hours of notaries, "What time do notaries open and close?" The question is frequently wondered.

Due to the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, the working hours of the notary publics may be changed.

You can get information by calling the relevant places in order to find out how open and what time the region you are in is open and when it closes.

The working hours of notaries are frequently questioned by thousands of citizens.

While going to the notary publics for many transactions, the people who will make the transaction to find out when the notary publics are opened and closed, "How long are the notaries open, what time do they start working in the morning?" trying to find answers to his questions. Here are the answers...

Notary Working Hours

In the notary buildings, the daily work starts with the other official institutions in that region. Notary public does not operate outside of daily working hours.

Notaries start working at 09:00 every weekday and until 12:00 or 12:30, which is the lunch break.

(Depending on the workload in the notary publics, the lunch break may differ between 12: 00-13: 00 or 12: 30-13: 30).

Notaries, who continue their work at 13:00 or 13:30 after the lunch break, continue to serve until 17:00 in the evening.

Transactions that can be done at Notaries:

Notaries are obliged to carry out legal transactions in accordance with the laws and regulations in line with the request of the person.

Jobs included in the functions of notaries are divided into two groups as general and private jobs in terms of their nature.

a) Works to be done in general:

Marriage contract,

Real estate sales promise agreement,

Ownership transfer agreement,

Inheritance installment G. securities, grant promise agreement,

Company agreement,

The promise of easement right and the contract for the management of common property,

Right of rest agreement based on Article 748 of the Civil Code,

The contract for the registration of life and income (Code of Obligations 507),

Contract for maintenance until death (Law of Obligations 511),

Sales contract with the registration of retention of ownership,

Rental contract,

Grant agreement for movable properties,

Taksim and subdivision agreement,

Adoption agreement,





Foundation deed,

Family foundation deed,

Recognition Certificate,



Trust deed,

Pledge deed,

Debt securities,




Certificate of Certificate,

Lottery - Lottery and meeting minutes,

Keeping the relics,

Statement record,

Finding report,

Power of attorney,

Book approval,


Sample stickers,

Signature Circulars,

Protest affairs,

Notice - warning works and notification,


Other works stipulated to be regulated or approved by notaries in their laws.

b) Special works to be done:

Detection works,

Escrow business (escrow acceptance and storage)

Works related to testament and testamentary dispositions,

Notification affairs.


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