What time do pharmacies open and when do they close? How late are the pharmacies open?

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What time do pharmacies open and what time do they close? What time are the pharmacies open on weekdays and weekends? Are pharmacies open on Saturday?

What time do pharmacies open, what time do they close? Pharmacies are open on weekdays and weekends?

With the Covid-19 outbreak, one of the most frequently sought questions on the internet is what time pharmacies open and what time they close.

Since June last year, the active working hours of pharmacies have been changed.

So, what time do pharmacies open and what time do they close? On the weekend (Saturday-Sunday), what time are the pharmacies open?

Due to the pandemic, there have been changes in the working hours of many workplaces and official institutions.

Pharmacies are one of the workplaces with changing active working hours.

Citizens who want to buy medicines or experience emergency ailments in the Covid-19 process want to learn the current pharmacy working hours for 2021.

Working Hours of Pharmacies...

Pharmacies in Istanbul will be open on weekdays and Saturdays between 09.00-19.00 after 1 June 2020.

According to the information shared by the Istanbul Pharmacy Chamber, within the coronavirus pandemic normalization period, the pharmacy opening-closing hours in Istanbul have been changed from Monday, June 1, to 09.00-19.00 on weekdays and Saturdays.

Are Pharmacies Open During Lunch?

There is no lunch break practice in pharmacies.

Pharmacies continue to work during lunch break.

Are Pharmacies Open On The Weekend?

According to the latest updated information shared, pharmacies will be open only on Saturdays.

Pharmacies are closed on Sundays, but duty pharmacies in your area will continue to work.

Are Pharmacies Open On Public Holidays?

Pharmacies do not work on religious holidays such as Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, as well as public holidays such as January 1, May 1, May 19, April 23, October 29, August 30, and July 15.

Pharmacies serve half-day on eve days.


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