What time does the courthouses open and what time do they close?

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What time do courthouses open and what time do they close? Do courthouses work on weekends and public holidays? How late are the courthouses open? Here are the working hours of courthouses...

What time do the courthouses open, what time do they close and what time are the courthouses open?

How are the 2021 Courthouse working hours?

Republic of Turkey frequently explores hours of the court who served as the Ministry of Justice.

Courthouses where all legal transactions take place, including courts, prosecution offices and enforcement offices; The details of which days and hours it is open have become a very important issue for citizens.

Because citizens who want to take care of their legal transactions want to do this during the working hours of the courthouse, without coinciding with the lunch break.

So, what time do the courthouses open and what time do they close? Do courthouses work on weekends and public holidays? Here is the working hours and calendar of the courthouses ...

Working hours are one of the most frequently researched issues regarding courthouses working under the Ministry of Justice.

The information of working days and hours of this state office, where thousands of people take care of all legal transactions, stands out as one of the issues that citizens are looking for on the internet. The reason for this is to take care of transactions quickly during working hours without coinciding with the lunch break.

From this article we have compiled for you, you can get information about the working hours of city and city courthouses, especially Bakırköy, Çağlayan and Kartal Courthouses; You can find out when the courthouses are opened and closed and whether they serve on weekends and public holidays.

Working Hours of Courthouses

Courthouses open at 08:30 in the morning and start serving.

Many transactions can be done without the need to go to the courthouse, thanks to the E-Government application.

If you do not want to enter the crowd, you can take care of some of your transactions via e-Government.

What time does the courthouse break for lunch start?

The lunch break of the courthouse staff is between 12:00 and 13:00.

During these hours, the courthouse cashiers do not serve.

How Long Do Courthouses Work?

Courthouses continue to serve until 17.00.

Since the courthouses are state institutions, they do not work on Saturday and Sunday at the weekend.

Courthouses are closed on religious holidays such as Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha and Eve, and on public holidays such as January 1, May 1, May 19, April 23, October 29, August 30 and July 15.


Republic of Turkey Ministry of Justice center, Kızılay-Ankara.

To get information and other problems, you can use the phone number 0312 417 77 70, fax number 0312 419 33 70 or you can make your transactions at info@adalet.gov.tr.


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