When's Mother's Day? What day is Mother's Day?

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Mother's Day is celebrated on different days all over the world in order to remember and make mothers happy. So, when Mother's Day is celebrated in Turkey? What day is mother's day?

When Is Mother's Day? Here is the 2021 mother's day celebration date!

Mother's Day is celebrated on different days all over the world in order to remember and make mothers happy.

Turkey in the year 2021, this precious day, which is celebrated in May, which coincided with the day, this precious day, mother's day gift is curious by many people who want to please your mother by doing research. So when is Mother's Day celebrated?

This special day, which is full of meaning in our country as in the whole world, is celebrated every year in May.

Those who want to find out what day the mother's day will coincide with in 2021, a day that integrates with precious feelings and values, is doing a lot of research on the internet. Here are the important details about the 2021 Mother's Day ...

When Is Mother's Day Celebrated?

Mother's day excitement started to show itself weeks ago this year as in every year.

This special day, which varies according to countries, is celebrated on the Sunday of the second week of May in our country.

This year's mother's day coincides with the 9th of May.

Mother's Day History

There are many rumors about how the mother's day started to be celebrated.

The most prominent of these is a teacher living in the US state of Virginia, named Anna Jarvis, who passed away in 1905.

It is because he wanted to celebrate for his mother every year.

This celebration was first held in a school in 1908 with 407 children and their mothers.

Anna's project was not liked by the House of Representatives and therefore it was not allowed to be official.

Anna explained this issue to the leading names of the media and politics, and as a result of these efforts, the second Sunday of 1914 was declared as Mother's Day.

After a while, seeing that the mother's day was brought to a commercial dimension, Anna filed many lawsuits, but none of them were in favor.


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