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Zebra meaning

Word: Zebra



1. An African wild horse with black-and-white stripes and an erect mane.

Example sentences: "The Cape Colony extended systematic protection to elephants, giraffes, hippopotami, buffalo, zebras, quaggas and antelopes in 1886."

2. A large butterfly with pale stripes on a dark background.

Example sentences: "The refuge provides shelter and habitat for more than 300 butterfly species, including the zebra longwing, pipevine swallowtail, julia, and Mexican blue wing."

3. A silvery-gold sea bream with vertical black stripes.

Example sentences: "He brought to our attention the tiny zebra fish which could fully regenerate even severely damaged myocardium."

4. A person whose characteristic garb is a black-and-white striped uniform, especially a football official or a convict.

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Zebra meaning

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