Characteristics of Leo Zodiac Women

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Leos are a fixed fire sign, born between July 23 and August 22. What does a Leo woman like and dislike? Here are all the characteristics of the Leo woman...

Characteristics of Leo Woman:

The Leo woman has a magnificent feminine energy, like a queen in every way.

So what does Leo woman like and what does she not like?

Leo woman, who is the leader, is full of life personalities and their enthusiasm can be completely contagious.

A Leo woman is responsible for her own life and doesn't like it when someone else tells her what to do!

Born free and living free!

Like a lion, lions can overcome everything that life throws their way.

They are adventurous, they take risks spontaneously.

Sometimes this can get them into trouble, but they're smart enough to solve the problems they're facing.

When they fall, they always pick themselves up again.

They don't like to take orders from others.

Lions have an authoritarian character.

Since they are an alpha, they will not listen to the rules, they will determine the rules themselves.

Leo women are hardworking and ambitious.

When they put something in their heads, they never give up.

No matter how many obstacles stand in their way, they will continue to move forward.

Leo often has many friends as they are generous and loyal.

Not all Leo women may be stubborn and resilient.

They may assume that they are always right because they have high self-confidence.

They never want to compromise with their friends, partners, or bosses.

They don't think anyone in the room is smarter than them, so they never back down.

Leos can be selfish and want to be the center of attention.

The negative characteristics of the Leo woman are therefore self-centeredness.

They can always show a cold attitude in the environments they enter with their arrogant nature.

Leo women always want attention, and if they are not the center of attention, then they may become jealous.


Leo women especially love events that are made for them.

They always want to be the center of attention.

That's why they enjoy the arts in front of the stage.

He wants to stand on stage and have everyone's eyes on them.

Lions are created to perform.

Even when hanging out with their friends, they always want the stories they tell to attract attention.

They know exactly what to say to get everyone's attention.

Leo women, who are leaders, never hesitate to deal with the event in group work.


Leo women cannot stand disrespect in any way.

They know their own worth, so they can't come to be mistreated.

If someone wastes their time, lies to them, or cheats on them, then they won't get back together with that person again.

The Leo woman is aggressive but persuasive, so you don't want to witness their bad side.

If you get into an argument with them, they won't let you win the argument.

Leo woman also cares about friendship, so she can include jealousy in friendship and expects the same dedication from the other person.


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