Biden flew into the air with joy! He interrupted the official meeting and hugged the microphone: "Game over!"

Published: 1 year ago

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US leader Joe Biden, who often comes to the fore with his gaffes and actions that lead to many different interpretations, was this time filmed with his joyful moments.

The US-Iran match, which ended 1-0, filled Biden with such enthusiasm that the US leader interrupted the conversation and hugged the microphone.

SK Siltron Deputy Secretary of Staff Bruce Reed was speaking on the phone alongside Biden, who was meeting as part of his visit to the CSS facility.

After receiving information on the phone about the score of the match, Reed ended the phone call and informed Biden that the United States had beaten Iran 1-0. As soon as Biden heard the news, he interrupted his conversation, took the podium and took the microphone.

Addressing those at the facility, Biden announced the score of the match and said, \They did it, God bless them.

It was a great game!

I told the coach and the players, 'You can do it.

And they said 'yes.

May God be pleased with them!

As those in the hall chanted \USA, USA\, Biden accompanied the slogan.


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