NASA's Orion capsule breaks 'farthest distance' record

Published: 10 months ago

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The U.S. Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) is making plans to send astronauts to the Moon and then to Mars by 2025 as part of the Artemis mission.

NASA has successfully launched its giant SLS rocket into space after weeks of technical setbacks and bad weather.

The Orion spacecraft on board the SLS rocket was on its way to lunar orbit.

The Orion capsule is scheduled to stay in the Moon's orbit for about a week and then land in the Pacific Ocean on December 11, on its way back to Earth.

Orion breaks distance recordNASA said in a statement that the capsule traveled about 430,000 kilometers on November 26. The statement announced that this is the record for the farthest distance that a spacecraft designed to carry humans can go.

Mike Sarafin, director of the Artemis mission, said the record, which was broken just two weeks after launch, will shed light on the next missions.

It is noted that NASA astronauts will be able to make a trial tour around the Moon in 2024 with the Orion capsule, which does not currently have a landing vehicle on the Moon, and that an attempt is planned to land on the Moon with SpaceXin Starship in 2025. SLS-Orion spacecraft; It has cost NASA at least $37 billion so far, including its design, construction, tests and ground facilities.


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