How do you get rid of a headache?

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How do you get rid of a headache and what type of headaches are serious? What are the 4 types of headaches? What could headaches be a sign of? Here are the details...

Why won't my headache go away?  What causes headaches? What is cluster type headache? One of the most commonly experienced health complaints is headache...

Headache is one of the most common health complaints among the people.

Occasional headaches can be observed in people of almost all ages. It is also an accepted fact that women are more common than men. Some types of headache can affect daily life completely negatively.

What causes a headache? How does a severe headache go? How does the headache from the neck go away?

If we say that there are no people who have not yet met with headaches, we would not be wrong. Constant headache and weakness are a health complaint that almost everyone has met in a part of their life ... Sometimes a headache that does not go away for 3 days can poison us for a whole week.

While 96% of headaches are defined as harmless, the remaining malignant headache types include situations where early diagnosis is life-saving.

So can blood pressure be a cause of headache? According to experts, yes, tension can cause headaches.

What are the causes of headaches? How does a tension headache go away? What causes constant headaches?

The answer to the question of what are the causes of headache varies according to the type of headache.

For example; In primary headaches, in genetically susceptible individuals, environmental factors cause an activation in the brain.

This activation causes dilation in brain vessels and chemical substances are released. These stimulate the nerves and cause pain.

How dangerous is a headache? What is a headache symptom?

There may be many different reasons underlying secondary headaches.

For example, infections (sinus, ear, meningitis), damage to blood vessels (aneurysm, malformations, vascular occlusions), tumors and hypertension are just a few of the reasons. For this reason, it is vital to diagnose the cause of secondary headaches.

However, women may experience frequent headaches during the menstrual period. Apart from this, stress is also an important reason.

Does southwester cause headaches?

One of the most curious issues among the public is whether or not southwester causes headache. Although some experts claim that southwester triggers migraine and sinusitis pain, some experts claim that individuals who stated that they experienced headaches after southwester obtained findings that could be considered psychological as a result of their treatment.

What is secondary headache? What does it lead to?

Brain tumor or brain aneurysms cause severe headache.

The headache experienced in such cases is because the intracranial volume is limited and the resulting lesion causes an increase in intracranial pressure.

The part of the spine in the neck area is called the cervical spine.

Cervicogenic headaches are caused by the fact that the vertebrae in this area start to wear out and the spinal canal is put under pressure.

In addition to headaches, people with this health problem may experience severe neck pain.

Misuse of some medications can also trigger a headache.

Excessive use of drugs used in pain treatment or sudden discontinuation of the drug may cause headache.

Meninges are protective structures in the form of membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Inflammation of these membranes is called meningitis.

After the development of meningitis, individuals may experience severe headache.

Some people may experience a headache after trauma. After trauma in the head area such as falls, traffic accidents or ski injuries

Post traumatic headache occurs.

Respiratory air is humidified and heated by filling the cavities called sinuses. In case of inflammation in these areas, these spaces in the face area

pressure builds up and triggers a headache.

Spinal headaches occur due to decreased cerebrospinal fluid.

As a result of some studies conducted other than these reasons, it was found that women experienced a headache within the first week after birth.

This headache, which is named as postpartum headache, occurs due to the differentiation in estrogen level.

A decrease in estrogen level after birth increases the likelihood of depression.

In addition to the estrogen ratio, factors such as stress, disruption of sleep patterns and weakness also trigger headache to a great extent.

Does Covid 19 cause headaches?

What is good for headaches? Which doctor should be visited for headache?

If you also have headache problems frequently, you can say, "To wrap your head tightly", "To wash your head with hot water", "To blow smoke from the ear" among the public. You need to consult your doctor first, instead of applying some well-known wrong practices such as and wasting time waiting.

The question of when the person with a headache should consult a doctor is as follows:

If the pain is continuous and increasingly violent

If the first time you meet pain, if you are under 10 and over 50,

Previously, the severity of rapid pain, if it has changed, does not respond to treatment,

If it wakes you up from sleep

Symptoms such as sensitivity to light, nausea and vomiting

If you have a headache with fever or stiffness

If the headache is the most severe pain he has ever encountered in his life, and the pain has appeared or increased in intensity during a physical activity (lifting a heavy load, sexual intercourse), it is absolutely necessary to go to the doctor.

Does Covid 19 cause headaches?

If you have survived covid 19 before and you have started to struggle with headaches more often than you have experienced before, of course one of the first questions that comes to mind is "Does coronavirus cause headaches?" The issue of covid 19 causing severe head-ons in the future has not yet been fully proven by experts. The advice of the experts is that it needs a little more time to give a clear answer to these and similar questions ...


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