What causes phlegm in throat? How do I get rid of phlegm?

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How do I get rid of phlegm? Causes phlegm in the throat, how to treat it? What can be done at home to remove phlegm in children and adults? What are phlegm-removing foods?

How is phlegm in the throat treated? How to make expectorant naturally at home?

With the onset of the winter season, diseases such as colds also begin to increase their spread rate.

With these health problems, we also encounter uncomfortable situations such as phlegm.

Since phlegm disturbs many people, herbal solutions other than pharmaceuticals are being investigated.

How do i get rid of phlegm in the throat?

How to make expectorant naturally at home?

We have written down important information about how phlegm can be passed for you.

Phlegm often sticks to the throat area, making breathing difficult. It also irritates swallowing.

It is possible to expel the phlegm that causes you to make wheezing sounds while coughing, by natural and herbal means.

How to get over phlegm in the throat?

For phlegm in the throat, you can first consult a doctor.

Doctors will give you the necessary medications after making the diagnosis, and you should definitely use these medications.

Of course, apart from these medicines, there are also natural methods that you can apply at home.

One of these natural remedies is a mixture of honey, ginger, and hot pepper.

For this, mix a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of ginger powder and half a tablespoon of cayenne pepper powder with half a lemon juice.

Boil it well and when it comes to the consistency of cream, be sure to consume up to 2 tablespoons a day.

Another natural treatment method is honey and onion cure.

Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, one medium onion and half a glass of honey in a bowl.

After waiting for 1-2 days, consume up to 2 spoons a day.

How to make expectorant at home with natural methods?

Phlegm is a health problem experienced in diseases such as colds, as it mostly affects the winter months.

It is possible to eliminate the phlegm problem, which disturbs individuals, with plants in the house.

How do I get rid of phlegm?

- Components in the anise plant prevent mucus formation.

- The eucalyptus plant provides freshness and clears the obstructions in the respiratory tract. It has an expectorant effect. For this reason, you can breathe the steam by pouring eucalyptus oil into boiling water.

Cinnamon is a spice that soothes the throat and cleanses phlegm.

- Sage and tea tree tea are also recommended for those who have phlegm problems.

What are expectorant herbs?

Many foods we use in our daily life have an expectorant effect.

Many vegetables and fruits contain expectorant properties. Therefore, consumption of vegetables and fruits should be increased in case of illness.

Foods that have an expectorant effect are:

- Potato

- Pumpkin

- Banana

- Fish products

- Egg

- Milk

- Cauliflower

- Asparagus

- Garlic

- Onion

- Pineapple

- Tangerine

- Grapefruit

- Soup varieties

- Red or white meat


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