What are the causes of cough? How do i get rid of it?

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Cough is a voluntary or involuntary defense system that cleans foreign substances, microbes, irritants from the respiratory tract.

How do I get rid of cough? What is good for coughing? Cough is one of the problems caused by viruses and bacteria, which increase their effect especially in cold months and winter.

The onset of many diseases during this period brings to mind the question of "how do I get rid of cough".

Cough is a system that facilitates the expulsion of foreign factors stuck in the throat with the air formed in the lungs.

It is more common due to upper respiratory tract infections. So what's good for coughing?

Things to cure cough without medication; what are herbs, natural methods and teas?

Here are natural and herbal solutions that can be prepared at home for cough and phlegm cough ...

What is a cough?

Cough is a voluntary or involuntary defense system that cleans foreign substances, microbes, irritants from the respiratory tract. Generally acute if it lasts less than three weeks; If there is a persistent cough that lasts longer than eight weeks, it is known as a chronic cough. The cough usually resolves within two weeks or improves significantly.

The most common situations that can cause cough are as follows;

- Flu,

- Cold,

- Pharyngitis,

- Spring allergies,

- Bronchitis,

- Pneumonia,

- Whooping cough disease,

- Inhaling irritating substances,

- Acute sinusitis.

So What Causes Cough?

If there is no phlegm in the cough and you have to cough with a constant feeling of tingling, this is called dry cough.

Many diseases lie behind the existence of dry cough.

Colds, colds, pharyngitis, flu, reflux, asthma are some of these diseases.

While dry cough causes irritation and burning sensation in the throat, it also puts you in a difficult situation while sleeping, especially at night.

If you are wondering what is good for dry cough. There are also home remedies for dry cough. You can brew mixed herbal teas to soften and moisturize the throat.

Brewing jasmine, echinacea, chamomile, linden, sage and making a mixture of these teas helps to pass dry cough.

In addition, mixing hot milk and honey and drinking at night before going to bed is a good method for dry cough.

Dry and stuffy room in sleeping and sitting room will increase dry cough.

Air your room frequently. You should also stay away from smoking environments.

How Does Cough With Phlegm Go?

Fluid discharge from coughing is called phlegm  The phlegm that comes out when we cough is like your lungs you may feel like it is coming. This situation mostly occurs with the winter season in diseases such as colds and flu.

Contrary to popular belief, using cough syrup is not good for phlegm cough and may increase phlegm cough.

Instead, you can find a natural solution to a phlegm cough.

Drinking plenty of water will help you to relieve and relieve a phlegmatic cough.

Drinking plenty of water reduces the irritating effect of dryness and discharge in the throat.

By using lozenges, you can soften the throat and open the airways blocked by phlegm.

Taking a hot shower, it softens the phlegm that blocks the nose and throat and facilitates its removal from the body.

Fragrances such as air fresheners, deodorants, perfumes provide mucus production and these odors should be avoided as they will give you a more clogging feeling in this process.

Brewing and drinking herbal teas that you can buy from herbalists will relieve your breathing.

What to do for a cough that doesn't go away What is the Fastest Cough Killer?

There are definite solutions to cough. Of course, this situation can still vary from person to person. What cuts the cough? Let's talk about these methods…

Make a paste by mixing a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of ginger powder. Drink this mixture by adding a little hot water.

You will notice that it affects the cough in a very short time. (This mixture is not recommended for children.)

Add a teaspoon of black pepper powder and honey to a glass of milk and drink this mixture. (Not recommended for children.)

Brew the linden in hot water and add a pinch of quince leaves to the tea. Wait until the mixture is warm and consume it before going to sleep.

Mix a pinch of black pepper and olive oil in a bowl and heat. Rub it on your back and massage. The area where you apply the mixture close a warm cloth.

What is good for a night coughing attack?

Cough usually occurs at night or during sleep times and becomes more unbearable than usual.

It will be possible to get rid of coughs that make you sleepy and do not pass, by applying the methods we will mention.

Recommendations for the question of what to do for a cough that does not go away at night are:

You should be careful to keep your pillow slightly upright and high.

Always ventilate before going to sleep, keeping your room humid will make it easier for you while you sleep.

Room humidifiers can be used.

You can drink warm honey-milk before going to bed at night.

You can mix the molasses with water and drink it.


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