How to apply to ISKUR? What are the application conditions for ISKUR? ISKUR job advertisement 2021

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Thousands of job seekers can get a job thanks to ISKUR. So how can I make an online job application from ISKUR? What are the application conditions?

ISKUR continues to recruit personnel in different business lines this year, as it does every year. Especially recently, "ISKUR recruitment of healthcare professionals" is a subject that has been followed and researched extensively by healthcare professionals who want to have a job. On the other hand, another very curious and frequently researched issue is the subject of "Caykur employee recruitment" ...

In addition, it is possible to apply to İŞKUR for those who can work from home and want to do jobs such as packaging from home.

In short, thousands of job seekers will be able to get a job thanks to İŞKUR.

So, how to apply for İŞKUR?

What are the application conditions for ISKUR?

ISKUR is the first place that comes to mind for job seekers or those who are looking for workers to work in the workplace, that is, employers.

It is also a matter of curiosity about the path that citizens seeking jobs that meet their abilities and criteria through İŞKUR should follow.

So, how to apply for a job through ISKUR? Here is the news we prepared about all these curiosities ...

The most frequently asked question of recent times: How to apply for İŞKUR personnel recruitment? Citizens who want to find a job can achieve their goals faster thanks to ISKUR.

After ISKUR announced that they will recruit staff, job seekers do a lot of research on the internet to learn the application process.


Citizens can become a member of the system through İŞKUR's website or by going to the İŞKUR Provincial Directorate of the province where they are located.

Job seekers and those who want to apply for a job, after registering their work experience and information on ISKUR's website; They can find job advertisements matching their personal information.

Job seekers can benefit from not only domestic but also international job advertisements and contact employers.


First, you must log in to the relevant site of İŞKUR from the link

Before you register with İŞKUR, there are important points that you should know about.

Job seekers and employers are evaluated separately in the ISKUR system. The system asks which one you are registered for first.

Members are required to enter an e-mail or phone number in the system in order to activate their accounts. It is enough to enter at least one.

Otherwise, membership cannot be activated, as the sent confirmation code cannot be transmitted.

If the members' accounts are not active within 1 year from the date of the last transaction, that is, if you do not enter your account for 1 year, your membership will be frozen.

This one-year period is two years in the records of disabled and ex-convicts.

Messages that are not opened or read by the members within 15 days are automatically deleted.

In order to register to İŞKUR, you must indicate that you are an employer or a job seeker, as we mentioned in the first part of our article.

You then have to accept the membership agreements that appear automatically.

You must save your profile information (password, name, surname, etc.) correctly and completely.

In this area, you can save information such as your personal characteristics, education status, job search areas, etc. If you wish, you can also add your resume as a word file.

It is also recommended that you add a profile picture. It has been observed that those with a profile picture have a higher chance of finding a job.

Afterwards, İŞKUR assigns a counselor for you and does the work of the consultant in order to negotiate you with the job seeker or with the employer.

If you cannot become a member of İŞKUR via internet, you can send a document showing your education status to İŞKUR Provincial Directorate in your city.

You also have the chance to apply. The relevant staff will assist you with the registration process.


What are the application conditions for ISKUR?

Candidates who will apply for any job advertisements must meet the following conditions:

Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,

No restrictions or prohibitions on public rights.

Not having a disease or contagious disease that would prevent him from performing his duty continuously.

Except for negligent offenses, crimes that have been converted into alternative sanctions for short-term imprisonment and suspended provisions other than the crimes listed below; Crimes against the security of the state, the constitutional order and the functioning of this order, even if they have been imprisoned for more than six months or pardoned, or disgraceful or honor and dignity such as bribery, extortion, embezzlement, fraud, skilled theft, theft, forgery, abuse of trust, fraudulent bankruptcy Not being convicted of offensive crimes or smuggling, fraud in official tenders and trades, disclosure of duty, and crimes against state secrets. Not being a member, affiliate or affiliate or contact with terrorist organizations within the scope of the Decree No.667 or any structure, formation or group determined by the National Security Council to act against the national security and will of the state.

The security investigation turns out to be positive.


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