What is the HES code? Where to get the HES code? How to get HES code via SMS?

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What is HES (Hayat Eve Sığar) code, where to get it? How to get the HES code via SMS? The fastest and easiest 3 ways to get HES code and all other important details are in this news ...

The coronavirus (Covid19) epidemic, which emerged in Wuhan, China in December 2019, created effective changes in our lives and around the world.

This virus, which spread all over the world in a very short time, has severely restricted our social life and daily routines.

Different measures have been taken according to the policies and conditions of the countries. Quarantine periods applied at certain times brought along the changes we encountered for the first time. The coronavirus, which entered our country in March in line with official data, unfortunately has spread to the vast majority of our country today. The number of cases, which vary by provinces, and death rates upset all of us and push us to be more careful about taking precautions.

How Coranavirus Spreads, How Can We Protect?

It would be more correct to explain with the precautions to be taken when answering the question of how the coronavirus is transmitted. The first way to protect from this acute respiratory virus is to wear a mask and cleaning. We should wash our hands frequently. There is no need to exaggerate when it comes to hand hygiene. Experts who make frequent statements on these issues say that washing our hands with soap and water will be sufficient. In cases where you cannot find easy access to water and soap, you can also use alcohol-based disinfectant or cologne. You should not come into contact with people who show symptoms of the disease, and you should keep at least 1 meter distance from other people in your social life. The precaution is perhaps the most important thing is to wear a mask. In every environment you are in, you should definitely wear a mask to protect against coronavirus. As well as wearing a mask, it is also very important to use the mask correctly (covering the mouth and nose completely).

In addition to applying all these precautions, the most important way to protect against coranivirus is to strengthen our immune system. In order to prepare our body against coranavirus, we must strengthen our immune system and pay attention to adequate and balanced nutrition. Again, one of the most important conditions is that we should consume plenty of fluids during the day. Covid 19, which leaves the whole world in a difficult situation and spreads rapidly, unfortunately, with the current data, it is 3-4% lethal.

If you say what the coronavirus is, how it is transmitted, how to protect myself, you should follow all the precautions told by the health ministry and keep your distance from those around you.

What is HES Code? Where to get the HES code?

You can get your HES code free of charge from this application by downloading the Hayat Eve Sığar application in the application store of your smartphone.

At the same time, the HES code can be obtained on SMS or via e-government. Without your HES code, you cannot use public transport such as buses, planes or trains.

You cannot enter shopping malls and public institutions without your HES code. It is free to get the HES code. The HES code is personal and needs to be taken individually for each person. There is no requirement for an HES code for children between the ages of 2 and 2. The HES code is mandatory for public transportation vehicles, you will not need the HES code if you are traveling with your own vehicle.

How to get HES code via SMS (short message)?

Write HES in capital letters in the text message section of your mobile phone, leave a space, and send your TC ID number, the last four digits of your ID serial number and the period you want to use your HES code (maximum 45 days) to 2023.

With this short message, you can get your private HES code for free. If you want to get HES code for someone else, you can send the identity information of the person you will receive the HES code to in your text message and send it to 2023 and get the HES code for someone else. You can receive a HES code valid for a maximum of 45 days via SMS. After 45 days have passed, you must obtain an HES code again.

How to Get HES Code on E-Devlet?

Enter the e-Devlet application and immediately enter the relevant section by typing HES code in the search section at the top of the site.

You can create your HES code free of charge by clicking the HES code creation section on the page that will appear.

How to get an indefinite HES Code?

Unlimited / unlimited HES code can only be obtained through Hayat Eve Sığar application. After downloading this application to your smartphone

You can get your HES code indefinitely.

People who will go abroad do not need to obtain a HES code. HES code is only valid for travel any time in the territory of Turkey.

In case you lose your HES code or do not remember it, you can get it again with the HES code retrieval options described. If you have received your HES code for a period of time, you can use it for as long as you want during the period. When the HES code you received for a period of time expires, it is now considered invalid and you can get an HES code by using the methods mentioned again.


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