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Spider meaning

Word: Spider

How to pronounce: ˈspaɪdə



1. An eight-legged predatory arachnid with an unsegmented body consisting of a fused head and thorax and a rounded abdomen. Spiders have fangs which inject poison into their prey, and most kinds spin webs in which to capture insects.

Example sentences: "When they reduce pesticide use, they see a lot more beneficial predatory insects: spiders and parasitic wasps and flies."

2. An object resembling a spider, especially one having numerous or prominent legs or radiating spokes.

Example sentences: "It was crafted in the shape of a spider, so that its minute legs would curl around her index finger, with tiny ruby eyes."

3. Another term for crawler (sense 2)

Example sentences: "This way, your site map will be a valuable resource for anyone who accesses your site, and a useful tool for spiders to find everything that's within."



1. Move in a scuttling manner suggestive of a spider.

Example sentences: "A treecreeper spidered head first down the tree trunk"

2. Another term for crawl (sense 4 of the verb)

Example sentences: "When the search engines spider your site they'll find all of the pages"


spider collar



spider web





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Spanish: Araña

German: Spinne

French: Araignée

Italian: Ragno

Turkish: örümcek


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